Future for Cornwall – a policy wiki

What is this?

Future for Cornwall combines two aims:

  • A policy wiki co-written by subject matter experts and concerned local  citizens  on the pressing issues of the day: from  Inequality & poverty to  the NHS and Social Care
  • a platform for alternative voices, ideas and new thinking – ideas, proposals, new initiatives and new thinking that you won’t read in local or national newspapers and which often falls outside the prevailing policy ethos pursued by local and national government.

We call it a policy wiki to emphasise that the main content is co-written and edited   to present factual, evidenced based information. As such the language and tone is more cautious, objective and dispassionate.


Who is it for?

Anyone who cares about Cornwall, the common good and the community they live in.

What does it do?

It acts as:

  • A trusted information hub of information which has been peer-reviewed and fact checked by experts
  • An observatory that monitors policy initiatives and decisions by Cornwall Council and local public agencies
  • A platform for alternative policy proposals

While facts are sacred, interpretation of facts and evidence will differ according to political complexion and belief.